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10 Simple Ways To Maximize Shungite for Healing

10 Simple Ways To Maximize Shungite for Healing

I'm about to fill you in on my new favorite crystal (well, technically it's a mineral made of mostly carbon but this falls into the healing crystal category all the same).

I’ve been buzzin’ on shungite filtered water for the past month. After recently deciding to switch over from my Brita filter to shungite infused water, I feel like I've been unstoppable. My skin is glowing, I feel energized, and my overall wellness has felt incredibly stable and grounded. Even my dad is walking around with shungite in his pocket with no real reason other than a feeling - he just "feels better".

A little over a month ago, I filled up a glass pitcher with tap water and placed 3 shungite chips at the bottom of the pitcher and let it sit overnight. The next morning I tested my water with a tool that tests for chlorine. It was completely gone – there wasn’t a single trace of chlorine. Not only has the shungite been purifying my water but it’s been life-giving. I feel incredibly energized and focused when drinking shungite water.

In today’s digital world, we are constantly exposed to digital exhaustion. Whether it’s from working at your computer all day or mindlessly scrolling through your IG feed, it’s nearly impossible to escape digital overwhelm but there might be a way to lessen it.

Shungite is a powerful healing stone found in the Karelia region of Russia that is mostly made up of pure carbon. This unique stone naturally contains fullerenes which “have the ability to neutralize numerous forms of negative energy. It attenuates electromagnetcic emissions essentially providing you protection from electromagnetic fields”.

For years, my mom has been telling me about the dangers of the electromagnetic waves cellphones gave off, but, as like everyone in the world, I depended on the use of an electronic device, especially cell phones. While I tried to make sure my phone was far enough away (but still close enough to hear my alarm) while sleeping, I felt helpless in my emf protection efforts.

Fortunately, shungite has played a huge role in keeping me protected from all the emfs while still allowing me access to electronic devices.

There are so many easy ways to incorporate shungite into your daily lifestyle. Using crystal healing magic in practical and functional ways is one of my favorite topics to explore because it’s so good for the emotional, mental, and physical body to add daily habits that can have a huge long term effect (plus they make beautiful jewelry and home decor pieces so it's a win-win). 

Discovering shungite has brought a new level of confidence to my sleep, my health, and my overall wellbeing because it also has various metaphysical properties. It possesses healing properties that assist in cleansing the body of stress, depression, and anxiety and has been said to aid with combatting insomnia too.

Shungite is known to help detoxify the body of negative patterns or thoughts within the mind and body, which can externally manifest negative cycles and outcomes.

So not only does it detox your physical body but shungite is also known to help detoxify your emotional and mental body too.

From protecting you from emfs, balancing your mental and emotional state, to purifying your water, we’re here to break down the benefits of shungite and how you can use it daily to help purify your ever so sacred self.

  1. Purify your water: Use shungite to purify your water. Rinse shungite stones under cool water without soap, and place 100 grams per 1 liter of water. Soak for 24-72 hours. It’s been scientifically proven that shungite can purify water within 24-72 hours. Shungite can cleanse bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals from water. I spent years trying to find the perfect water purifier to keep in my fridge. We’ve all tried the Brita but having to replace the filter every 3 months is a drag (mostly because I forgot often). Pro tip: I start every morning with a cup of shungite water for a boost of energy to start my day.

  1. Block those EMFs: Purchase a piece of shungite specifically made for your cell phone case to protect your sleep. Being exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields can disrupt our natural electromagnetic systems within our own bodies. Specifically, the heart, the brain, and mitochondria tend to be the most susceptible. Emfs exist in nearly all electronics, but the more dangerous ones are in UV light, X-rays, and Gamma rays.

  1. Meditate with shungite: Place it above your heart, between the eyebrows, or on a specific chakra to detoxify specific parts of the body. Envision all negative, toxic energy pulling from within you with the aid of the shungite and being transformed into light.

  1. Carry it with you: I keep shungite pocket stones with me daily. Life can be crazy enough without being exposed to emfs. These pocket stones help keep me balanced from the anxieties and stresses that daily life can throw my way, plus it helps protect you from all the emfs that you’re inevitably exposed to. Set the intention that your shungite will help protect you from these harsh energies and will keep you balanced, calm, restored.

  1. Keep your flower vase clean: I love flowers but I hate dealing with dirty water and having to cleanse my vase every few days. Even I was skeptical with this trick but decided it was absolutely worth trying so I put this one to the test last week and it worked!

    Place 3 shungite chips, a shungite pyramid, polished stones - whatever shungite pieces you have on hand – in your flower vase, fill it up with water, and check back in a few days. You’ll be pleasantly surprised :).

  1. Freshen up your refrigerator: Add a piece of shungite to your fridge to help keep your fruits and veggies fresh and stop toxins from stinking up your fridge.

  1. Add it to your jewelry box: Wearing shungite beads or jewelry is an awesome way to incorporate shungite into your daily lifestyle. They look great as bracelets and are an easy item to throw on in the morning to help keep you protected throughout your day.
  1. Home décor: My shungite pyramid is one of my favorite pieces of home décor. It serves two purposes sitting on my shelf at home. One, it looks beautiful sitting on a book shelf, tv console, or desk. Two, it blocks the emfs in your home. Using crystals or healing stones to protect my home is practical and beautiful all at the same time. This is one of the BIG reasons why I fell in love with crystals and all they have to offer. Personally, I keep my shungite pyramid on my desk or near an area with a lot of electronics to protect my space.
  1. Take a “digital detox” bath: Ok, this is a powerful one. And an addicting one. Shungite is a powerful healing and purifying stone. Place a few chips of shungite in a bag or directly to your bath (add in some of your favorite crystals too) and place the bag in your bathtub. Not only is the shungite purifying your water but it’ll help to detox your body. I’d recommend doing this right before bed for a powerful night’s rest.

  1. Detox your cup of coffee or tea: Just like purifying your water, you can add a few shungite chips to the water you boil when making tea or coffee. It purifies your water and gives you a boost of crystal magic in your morning cup of coffee.

Shungite is an ancient, wondrous mineral that has been scientifically proven to perform miraculous services for others. These are 10 easy ways to add shungite to your daily ritual and experience all the incredible healing properties it has to offer.

If you have a few pieces of shungite and are wondering where to start, try adding it to your water or to your next vase of flowers.

May the purifying properties of shungite inspire a deeply rooted sense of peace within you, and may your sacred vessel be ignited with your soul always.



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