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3 Crystals To Set Your Intentions And Manifest Abundance For The New Year

3 Crystals To Set Your Intentions And Manifest Abundance For The New Year
The new year is a beautiful time to reflect, celebrate, plan and to get inspired (or re-inspired). But here’s the thing that we so easily forget - these 3 little tasks are not easy, they take time and that’s okay.

If it takes you the entirety of January to get inspired and to get super clear about all of the intentions you’re setting for 2019 or maybe just the next 90 days… that’s 100% okay. 

The air has been filled with some intense energies, as this new year seems to be a little different than ones in the past. There have been not one but two eclipses so far; including the super blood wolf moon. So, maybe you’ve been feeling sensitive, feeling a little ‘off’, extremely unmotivated - or all three - you are not alone. 

This is a special time to reflect on the year behind us, to be grateful for it all, and to set big, beautiful intentions that spark joy.

Take some time, maybe an entire week or month, to journal, daydream, and reflect on these questions: 

  • What were you most grateful for in 2018?
  • What did you accomplish?
  • What would you have liked to have accomplished, that you could accomplish this year?
This the perfect time to better align yourself with the truest parts of yourself. This can entail many things; including some of the struggles some of us have been facing lately. It’s undoubtedly a time to bring in abundance, in all forms, to assist you on your journey and to amplify your intentions or resolutions for the new year.

One of my favorite ways to kick off any type of reflection or brainstorming is to start by purifying or cleansing your surroundings with sage or palo santo and to bring out a few of your favorite crystals - the ones that are really jumping out at you.

Crystals can play a supporting role in this process as they carry energies that work specifically with different ailments in our lives. They each have their own metaphysical properties which can be used to bring in the abundance needed to assist you on your journey ahead.

Perfect for these fruitful new beginnings, here are 3 important stones that can specifically help you with bringing in abundance and supporting your intentions and abundant manifestations:

Three crystals that can help attract abundance in all forms are lepidolite, pyrite, and clear quartz. They are relatively easy to find and come in both rough or tumbled forms. While I love having both for different reasons, raw crystals have a special authenticity about them that I’m drawn towards again and again.

You’ll find me carrying tumbled stones on a daily basis but a raw crystal tends to resonate with me a little more when I’m sitting down to goal plan; it’s all about what resonates with you.

Lepidolite is a purple stone that can be found rough or tumbled. Its’ purple color resonates with the upper chakras: the third eye and crown. The third eye and crown chakras deal with our thoughts, visions, emotions, and our ability to receive.

It is said to be an excellent resource to those who experience depression or negative thought forms; which can cloud our intentions and block obstacles from being released.

It can also help you find hope and belief in your dreams and desires. When we truly believe in ourselves and our biggest dreams, the chances of our manifestations and clear intentions coming to fruition are that much greater.

Pyrite is gold in color and is often called “fool’s gold”; but don’t let that nickname fool you, pyrite is golden in spirit. It too, can be either raw or tumbled. Pyrite is wonderful for manifesting abundance because it works with the second and third chakras, which deal with passion, creation, confidence, and willpower.

Pyrite can help in manifesting good health, wealth, and success - which can be absolutely essential in your resolution journey. Being confident in yourself and your own personal journey requires an abundant, positive mindset that can provide you with the energy and willpower to move forward and make your intentions that much more powerful.

Keep a chunk of raw pyrite at your desk to help bring out abundance, success, creativity, and confidence while you're working.

Clear quartz
is a clear stone that is most commonly found in its’ raw form with one to many points and can also be cut to appear this way too. Clear quartz is high vibrational which means that it holds a very high vibration or frequency that can help in manifestation.

When something or someone’s vibration is at a higher frequency, the possibilities seem almost endless. Clear quartz is a powerful tool that can assist you in having a higher vibration, and works with every chakra, especially the crown.

So how do you use these to manifest and amplify your intentions and resolutions? 

There are various ways but there is one very important key when partaking in manifestation and setting your intention. Inspired by Jennifer Montero, I've learned to always emphasize that whatever I’d like to achieve or bring in is of the highest good of all; that it is not of harm to any living thing. She has inspired me to always check in when setting an intention and to make sure that it is “always in alignment with the highest good of all, with the most benevolent outcomes”. 

I am constantly reminded me to ask for ease and grace during this process, as sometimes major shifts can occur and things can potentially get bumpy along the way, but I encourage you to trust that everything is working out in your highest favor. 

Here are four ways to use these 3 stones to amplify your new year’s intentions and resolutions:

  1. Meditate with them. Get into a peaceful state by focusing on the breath and calling in your angels, God, the universe, or whatever you feels right to you. Place the stone or stones in your palm and start to speak to whomever you’ve called in, either mentally or aloud, and state your wishes and intentions. Do so with a calm and humble tone, and express gratitude to the Divine once you feel complete.

  2. Carry one or all of the stones with you each day with the intention that each one will bring you the utmost success in your endeavors, bless you with confidence, and continue to bring in what is in your highest good.

  3. Find a piece of jewelry that resonates with you and your intentions and set similar intentions as mentioned above.

  4. Affirmations! Say a few affirmations out loud or to yourself that align with manifesting your intentions, such as, “I am confident, I am content, and I am so grateful for both my balanced and aligned manifestations coming to fruition” or, “I release all negative thought forms and emotions that may block my manifestations or intentions from coming into fruition”.

Of course, we want this process to support who you are and become your own, so remember to always do what feels right according to your highest good.

We hope that these crystals find their way to you, and that you have the utmost love and support on your journey ahead, that your intentions come to life with the most balanced, benevolent outcomes. May this year bring you much accomplishment, joy, and contentment. Blessings!!
Inspired by the teachings of Jennifer Montero at MonteroGuidingLight.com and Energymuse.com