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Black Lives MATTER.

Black Lives MATTER.

We spent some time this week compiling all of the resources that we shared with you last week.

Initially, our Free Kindness Kit campaign began during the wake of Covid-19. This year has been challenging to say the least and we wanted to create a kit to help you stay connected with your loved ones.

Our hope was to give you an opportunity to use our kits to spread love and light to a friend, neighbor, teacher, or anyone who could use a little extra love and kindness as we all navigated this new world of unprecedented times.

It's been incredible to see the impact these kits have had over the last couple of weeks so we decided to use their impact a little differently last week. Over on Instagram, we spent the first week of June sharing Kindness Kits and spreading awareness for the BLM movement.

We changed the way Kindness Kits worked, and instead we gifted Kindness Kits to our customers who took action in supporting the BLM movement. We've compiled a list of all of the action steps and links that we shared last week.

This movement is important and so is doing the work - it’s daily work. It’s consciously choosing to do better. Here, at Maha Living, we think a lot about how we can be more intentional with our actions and often times that requires doing a lot of inner work.

There are so many resources out there and so many actions that we can take on a daily basis. Read a book, do the inner work, practice it, listen to others (and really listen), learn, do your research, lift up the Black community, support small businesses, and so much more…

If we all spent one hour a day doing the work - learning, listening, sharing, donating, protesting - I think the world will start to look different sooner rather than later (at least that’s my hope and that’s what I saw at a local protest I attended this past weekend).

So let's keep going 🖤.

Here are all of the resources + action steps that we shared with you last week: 

Monday: Donate or attend a protest.

Here’s a link of organizations that you can donate to or, find out what local protests you can attend in your neighborhood. 

Tuesday: Education

Keep signing up for @rachel.cargle’s #DoTheWork challenge. It’s designed to be an eye opener and call to action for those who seek to be allies to Black women.

Click here to join Rachel Cargle’s #DoTheWork challenge. 

Wednesday: Petitions

Choose a petition of your choice to sign: 

  1. Justice for George Floyd→ bit.ly/306QCS2
  2. Justice for Breonna Taylor --> bit.ly/3dxi7I3
  3. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery → bit.ly/2UurTDr
  4. National Action Against Police Brutality → bit.ly/30pHKqB
  5. Here’s a list of other petitions that haven’t met their goal yet  → https://pendingpetition.carrd.co/

Thursday: Support Small Black-Owned Businesses

As a small woman-owned business selling physical products, we've found deep-diving brands (big + small) to be a bit of a hobby at this point and we've gotten pretty good at it ✨. There's so much joy in seeing other people bring their products and their brand to life, so I'd encourage you to look at the lists that are floating around and choose a few Black-owned businesses to get to know today! 

  1. Check out their website
  2. Read their mission statement
  3. Explore their products + services, dive deep...
  4. Learn, listen, and then share with a friend.

Support a Black-owned small business of your choice. We picked out a few products that we've either purchased or are adding to our wish list which include:

Rosen Skincare - @rosenskincare
Motherland Essentials - @motherlandessentials
Bloom and Plume Coffee - @bloomandplumecoffee
hanahana beauty - @hanahana_beauty
Pur-Home Clean @purhomeclean

Friday: Share!

Friday was the most encouraging day. We asked you all to share ways in which you’ve taken action and are planning to take action in our comments. At the end of a long week, these comments personally brought me so much love, hope, and encouragement, so thank you for taking action and inspiring others to do the same.

We gave away one ‘You Are Loved Kit’ as a reminder that setting intentions and doing the inner work is a crucial part of this movement. We picked this kit to encourage you to create space, find a moment of mental rest or peace, and to remind you that doing the inner work is necessary work. 

Here are some of the responses we received. If you have 2 minutes to spare, you can also click here to view our IG post and read about all of the incredible ways that people are taking action. 


We felt a sense of community that wasn’t like anything we’ve experienced before.  Even when Kindness Kits were sold out, so many of you continued to take action, comment, send DMs, and participate in this powerful movement. It was powerful and beautiful way to encourage one another (and us!) to continue to take action day after day. 

We’re so grateful for all of you and all of the action steps you took to support the BLM movement over the past several days. Our hope is that you can use this resource for inspiration for all of your future action steps.