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How To Start Using Selenite Daily

How To Start Using Selenite Daily

Blessed Selenite! Selenite is one of our absolute favorite stones and is something that you can start using daily. 

Selenite is an angelic stone that possesses incredible healing and cleansing properties that can be used in so many different ways in your daily lifestyle. In addition to its healing and cleansing properties, it also serves as a guardian that can protect and shield both our auras and spaces which makes it one of our favorite stones to keep in our home or in our pocket.

Selenite comes in several forms; from logs, towers, and wands to palm stones, polished hearts and spheres. Here are some of the ways one can use selenite.

1. You can simply carry it on you, with the intention that you are one with its angelic presence; soft, safe, and sound.

2. Selenite also happens to be one of the only self-charging and cleansing stones, which can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals. Place a few of your crystals on a piece of selenite overnight (medium-large sized selenite logs/wands work greatly) and wake up to clear and energized stones. 

3. Get aligned with the crown charka. This magical stone can help open and clear the crown chakra and allow one to receive inner vision and guidance through meditation. Get comfortable with selenite in your hand, and envision the crown opening and pouring out all that no longer serves you-to be transmuted into the Divine frequency that selenite holds. This exercise can also be used to assist in clearing all the chakras as well as your aura.

4. Selenite is a lovely stone to hold or have near while you are trying to relax or take a nap.

5. Dream with this special stone. In addition to its healing and cleansing properties, it also allows you to connect to the astral realm through dream time. This can be done by placing a piece under your pillow before you’re off to sleep. Placing two pieces of selenite on either side of the bed can also enforce protection during your beloved hours of rest. Or, in all four corners of the room to bring in protection for your space.

6. Start a grid. Selenite can be used in crystal gridding; which focuses on a specific intention and the bringing forth of certain energies.

We hope you enjoy all of the wonderful ways that you can begin to incorporate selenite into your day. It’s one of those beautiful stones that you just can’t get enough of. It should be noted that selenite is an extremely soluble stone and should not be submerged in water. Selenite also has a reputation of being rather fragile and can sometimes break if dropped. It is delicate yet powerful, just as we are. 

Written by Chandler Westphal
Inspired by the teachings of Jennifer Montero