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Mercury is in Retrograde: What That Means And Why It Matters

Mercury is in Retrograde: What That Means And Why It Matters

Feeling a little overwhelmed the past few days? You’re not alone! Mercury - the planet who’s in charge of communication - is in retrograde, a term you’ve most likely heard once or twice.

Maybe you’ve even passed the blame onto Mercury for miscommunication with loved ones these past few weeks, and you were probably right about that. Mercury has us taking two steps back (literally). Here’s what it means to actually blame Mercury in retrograde, why it matters, and how to survive this Mercury season in love and gratitude.

Mercury’s retrograde started the 22nd of this month and will continue until the 15th of April. And the answer is yes, it is indeed a real thing! With extremely real effects.

The term retrograde means to move backward, so our beloved Mercury has decided to transit in the complete opposite direction. Imagine going about your day walking entirely backwards, let alone for weeks at a time, oh goodness! Although Mercury in retrograde seems like a time of utter chaos and confusion, it doesn't have to be. It can be an opportunity to receive many insights on our own behaviors and tendencies.

Think back to walking backwards for an extended period of time. Imagine all the mistakes and “oops” moments that would occur. But let’s also take a further look into all that you’d be able to learn during this change of direction. You’d be opened up to an entirely new, complex way of life; needing to be extremely mindful and particularly aware of your surroundings in order to be truly successful. You’d notice in which areas you needed to focus more attention and which areas you seemed to move through with a bit more ease.

So essentially, your weaknesses and your strong points would present themselves to you, more than likely in an abrupt manner - just as they do during the retrograde. The good news is that we all have them! We are a constant work in progress, ever-evolving and transforming… that is the beauty in being human.

During Mercury in retrograde, those strengths and weaknesses are presented to us consistently. This is a time where mistakes and ‘oops’ moments take place within our sense of communication. From showing up to an appointment on the wrong day, to accidentally upsetting a friend by something you said…it’s all part of it!

So, what you may be able to take away from these situations is not at all that you are forgetful or inconsiderate or a bad friend... but perhaps the idea that you may need to make additional notes or set extra alarms on your calender, and be a little more aware of others’ feelings before you speak.

Make unconditional love for yourself the basis of your greater awareness during Mercury’s retrograde.

It’s essential to be kind to yourself, understanding of yourself, and forgiving of yourself. When you’re able to treat yourself with such love, it sets the tone for how you treat others.

Taking blame out of the equation when reflecting on any mishaps or miscommunications will truly contribute to personal growth, whether you tend to blame yourself or others when things go awry. Be open to the thought that whatever is happening is what’s meant to be happening. Your reaction decides your outcome, be it negative or positive, it’s up to you in the end.

Practicing these healthy habits will set you up for all that is to come after the retrograde. Who knows, you might even come to a place of gratitude for this backwards transit because sometimes you have to take a few steps back to make those big leaps forward.

Take this time you oh so deserve to retreat and reflect on what you could change to help improve your life, whether it’s seemingly small or something rather big you’ve been struggling with for a while now.  

Be extra mindful of your choice of words, important dates, and trust that everything is working out for the greater good. 

Think of it as time to learn all the things you didn’t even know you had to learn. It’ll all add up.

It’s a time of inconsistency, chaos, and beautiful messes. A time to reflect, be patient, self-loving, and kind, because what’s coming next could never have happened without this lovely season of Mercury in Retrograde.

Written by Chandler Westphal
Inspired by the teachings of Jennifer Montero