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Why Cleansing Your Space is More Important Than You Think

Why Cleansing Your Space is More Important Than You Think

Our personal space is so important to the way we think, to the way we act, to the decisions we make… it can have a huge impact on our mindset.

Imagine your room with empty coffee cups on your nightstand, clothes thrown all over your floor, stacks of paper sitting on your desk – clutter everywhere. How does that make you feel? 

Now imagine your perfect space, exactly how you want it. Everything has a place, your desk is clean, the dirty dishes are picked up, you love walking into your perfect, clean room, cozy-ing up in the perfect bed or chair – you never want to leave. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel happy? Calm? Inspired? Maybe it makes you feel productive, focused, and creative.

Your office, your bedroom, your car, your personal space – whatever environment that you exist in is important to how you act and feel throughout your day.

Imagine negative energy or toxins in the air to be similar to how you feel in a dirty room. It’s easy for dishes to pile up, for your room to get messy, just like it’s easy for negative energy and toxins in the air to fill up your space which is why it’s important to cleanse the energy and toxins in your space on consistent basis.

One of the most common ways to cleanse a space of excess or negative energy is to smudge.

Smudging goes back thousands of years, it’s an ancient practice that indigenous peoples used to clear built up negativity in the aura, the body, or physical space. From the burning of sage to palo santo, the smoke derived from medicinal herbs is what cleared these negative energies out.

Recent studies have proven that the burning of medicinal herbs goes beyond their energetic ability to clear heavy or harmful energies, but can actually purify the air.

It was found that after burning medicinal herbs for an hour, 94% of recorded airborne bacteria had been vanished.

Palo santo or sage essential oil-based spays can also help you cleanse and replenish your space. A study shows that aromas of sage oil carry many antioxidants, improve mood and cognitive function, and can even help with brain disorders. Palo santo is naturally uplifting and carries a high vibration, so not only can it clear negative energy - but it can transmute it into positive energy too.

We are forever grateful that these herbs are available to assist in releasing all that must go in your space whenever you want. You can smudge after you come home from work or after being out for a while, and definitely before bed - it allows you take control of the space around you and let go of any negativity.

As a sensitive soul, cleansing my space helps me to relax while also inspiring productivity and clarity. There are so many beneficial factors to cleansing your space, and they all tie in together.

Think of it this way, whenever there is clarity present, there’s so much more room for positivity, new beginnings, and even creativity. We are such powerful beings, and it is so essential to be surrounded by positive energy. What we think, we create, and what we create surrounds us.

Carrying negative thought forms or excess energies is inevitable at times; whether they result from an argument or an overwhelming day at work… we all go through it. But it’s important to know that these things are temporary, and with the adaptation of these sacred practices, it is much easier to clear them out.


How to Cleanse Your Space in 5 Steps:

  1. Light your smudge stick or grab your smudge spray, and choose an intention, affirmation, or prayer to assist with the cleansing process. Express gratitude to God, the Universe, your angels – whatever feels right to you.

  2. Start at the right of the room and move in a counterclockwise motion. Ask the being(s) you’ve called on to clear all that is not of the light - all negative energies. Or, create your own intention. Wave your smoke or spray your spray close to the wall.

  3. You can either move around the room once or three times, sometimes three is needed for heavy duty clearing. i.e a space that’s never been cleansed, after you’ve had company, or if you simply feel guided.

  4. Smudge yourself! And envision all negativity melting off of you and becoming purified.

  5. Seal up the space. You can do this by going to the left of the room and moving in a clockwise direction of the room. I was personally taught to do three crosses in the center of the room. Whatever feels right to you is key. Don’t forget to express love and gratitude for the process. And, you’re finished!

For more detailed instructions on how, why, and when to smudge, sign up for our ‘How To Smudge’ Guide that gives you everything you need to start smudging with confidence. Or, if you already know how to smudge and are looking for a guide on how to set your intention, sign up for our ‘Intention Setting Guide'. We include example intentions that you can use while smudging yourself, your home, workplace, etc.

Learn how to smudge

It’s so important to stay grounded and present when cleansing your space. When you allow yourself to complete this practice with a sense of fearlessness and confidence, you allow yourself to truly reap all the benefits of it. 

By allowing, you are receiving all that is meant for you. So follow your intuition, have fun with it, and smudge with confidence. Remember - you are loved, you are supported, and you are protected. May this practice bring you peace, tranquility, and ease.

Written by Chandler Westphal
Inspired by Jennifer Montero, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, and thespiritscience.net