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5 Tips For a Mindful Holiday Season

5 Tips For a Mindful Holiday Season

Every year, the holiday season brings so many emotions up for all of us. While there can be much to look forward to, the holidays can also bring a sense of ungrounded-ness and overwhelm can begin to feel inevitable.

We wanted to put together a guide for all to enjoy throughout this special season; a guide that will help you stay present, practice mindfulness, and energetically prep your home for the holidays. 

First off, Smudge:

Cleansing your space or yourself seems like a no brainer, but we tend to have less time around the holidays for ourselves! So, keeping your auric field, office, and home space cleared and cleansed is a great way to maintain balance in between gift wrapping, holiday shopping, and crazy to-do lists.  

Sage is great for clearing those heavy, negative energies from your space while palo santo can be used to raise the vibration once it’s been cleared. Plus palo santo has an especially woodsy scent for the holidays! I like to use one after the other in particularly overwhelming times. You can also make smudging apart of your preparation for house guests, and a part of your clean up once they’ve left.

Stay Grounded:

We talked in previous blog posts of the importance of staying present and aware within your own body. The holidays can be especially stressful and emotional which all leads to being ungrounded!

But this is nothing to fear, it can be remedied with simple techniques. I like to start off by taking a few deep belly breaths - through the nose and out the mouth. I focus on feeling the earth beneath me and visualize the sun shining upon my head - creating a sense of connection with the elements and my body.

This exercise can be done as much as needed throughout the day. Getting enough protein with each meal or snack will help too!


Using crystals during the holiday season is a lovely way to stay grounded and maintain your energy.

It can be so easy to let the holidays drain us, but with a nifty piece of citrine and black tourmaline around you can be sure to combat any energy-sucking moments that may come up more often during the holiday season.

Make sure your crystals are cleansed before carrying them or placing them in your home. This can be done by smudging them or placing them on a piece of selenite.

Citrine and black tourmaline are a wonderful duo for grounding and re-charging. You can carry them on you and/or place them in the corner of your home. They also make for a lovely centerpiece for your holiday dinner parties.  

Your crystals can be programmed with intentions, such as maintaining wellness or peace. Just ask your angels to help ground in the intention in connection with your crystals. If using as a centerpiece for a holiday party, I like to set the intention, “I am so grateful for the delicious food and good conversation. My evening is filled with wonderful energy from family and friends in a peaceful and grounded space.”

Essential Oils:

Lately I’ve been diffusing more oils than I usually do, and they certainly help with my mood and maintaining a sense of peace. 

Ylang ylang and geranium are a lovely mixture to stay uplifted and tranquil. Try diffusing some cinnamon or clove with orange while guests are over to boost moods and instill a sense of warmth and comfort within your space.

Keep Mindful Thoughts:

Remember that at its core, the holiday season is all about love

Love for yourself, love for others, love for all.

While there may be the external pressures surrounding fancy dinners and gift giving - it’s important that you feel loved.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves this season is love and care. Go easy on yourself! You’re doing the best you can.

There is a mantra I like to slow myself down with that goes “what you think - you create.”

You can allow this mantra to empower you and start to let yourself know each and every day that your best is good enough, that you have nothing to prove, and that you are always worthy of love. You can “flip the switch”, as my teacher would say, on any of your negative thought forms.

Personally, the holidays are extremely emotional for me. Of course, days can be filled with warm drinks, cozy blankets, and family fun - but we often put so much pressure upon ourselves during this time of year that sometimes we let the days go by without being truly present and experience all of the sweet joys during this season. 

It’s crucial to remind ourselves, especially now, that we are enough, that we always were, and that we always will be - no matter what.

I hope this guide finds you well in your holiday season. Many blessings to you from us!