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The Quarantine Kit


AKA, our Happiness Kit transformed into a 'quarantine' kit. 

Originally, this was meant to be our 'Happiness Home Kit' but with everyone stuck at home and settling into new routines, we felt it was important to be more specific with our intentions.

Given that our entire mission is to help you feel better in your homes and your spaces, it became more clear than ever that we needed to change things up last minute and create something a little more specific for home life in 'quarantine.' 

We designed this new Quarantine Kit to address this moment in time in a really intentional way.

This kit includes a special ritual and affirmation that you can use right now.

All of our tools can be used to cleanse your space but we created a special ritual to go along with this kit to help focus your intentions on getting through these challenging and confusing days with a little more peace and positivity. 

It's totally okay to feel whatever you're feeling right now. There's no how-to guide out there for what's happening in the world. No one has the answers and it's okay to have highs and lows, especially when we're all stuck at home and missing friends, family, concerts, sports, and all of the other beautiful parts of life. 

We designed this kit to remind you to be a little extra kind and patient with yourself.

This kit includes a specific affirmation and crystal-setting ritual to help you take on life in quarantine with a little extra intention and joy. 

Let's keep your space and everyone who's in it cleansed and blessed with as much love, joy, and positive energy as we can. 

As always, packaged with love + care. 

- White Sage Cleansing Stick with cedar OR sweetgrass:

Use this cleansing stick to cleanse your home and create a calm, loving space. Deeply purifying, these powerful combos help to clear negative energy and attract a protective, potent, and loving energy to help with healing in your space. Perfect for a fresh start in your home so you can create an intention that brings you joy.

- Palo Santo: combats negative energy and helps clear away negative thoughts and misfortune.

- Green Calcite Stone (polished): keep this stone on your desk or in your pocket to help bring purpose, positivity, and cleansing to your space.

- Step-by-Step Guide: this kit includes a simple intention-setting ritual and a short how-to instructional pamphlet on how to cleanse your space