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Sage Essential Oil Cleansing Spray

  • PURIFY YOUR HOME: A unique blend of essential oils, aloe vera, and infused crystals helps to cleanse and purify the air in your space. Eliminate toxins and negative energy with this uplifting aromatherapy mist so you can routinely restore and refresh your home, calm your mind, and keep your space filled with positive energy. 

  • ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS: All natural, non toxic, and high quality ingredients include coconut and jojoba oils, sage, cedarwood, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils to keep your home free from toxic or chemical air fresheners. Easily freshen up your space with a quick spray anytime, anywhere. Perfect to carry with you in the car, keep on your desk, or near your nightstand. 

  • CRYSTAL INFUSED: Bottled with shungite infused purified water to help protect and detox your space. Research has shown that shungite can help to neutralize pesticides, free radicals, and EMF emissions. It has been known to help strengthen the immune system, assist with metabolism, and detoxify your physical and mental body. 

  • BOOST YOUR MOOD: This smokeless sage spray is a wonderful addition to burning incense, candles, or smudging your space. It’s a quick and easy way to protect your space throughout the day after you’ve smudged yourself or your home. Our Sage Spray can also be used on linens such as your pillow or clean sheets to help relax and calm your mind before sleep.

  • 100% SATISFACTION: Your experience is SO important to us which is why we’ve worked hard to provide you with the best quality product. We’re confident that you’re going to love cleansing your home + giving it a burst of positive energy. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we honor a no questions asked guarantee.  
Our Maha Living Sage & Shungite room spray helps to cleanse the toxins in the air, purify your space, and boost your mood. 

We use all natural ingredients to ensure that you’re giving your home nothing but the best. We’ve chosen to focus on sourcing high quality ingredients that are nontoxic, all natural, and safe for your family and your home. 

Ingredients include coconut and jojoba oils, organic aloe vera, sage, cedarwood, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils, plus a natural rosemary extract preservative as a powerful and all natural alternative to chemical preservatives that you find in other air fresheners and fragrant room sprays. 

Leave your mind, body, spirit, and home cleansed and purified from negative or stagnant energy and unwanted toxins. Spray your home, office, desk, or vehicle with this uplifting and refreshing room spray. 

Why Crystal Infused? 
Each bottle is uniquely infused with shungite minerals to boost the cleansing properties in our room spray. 

Shungite is an ancient powerful healing mineral known to help detoxify, purify, and protect your body and space. It's also known to diffuse or harmonize EMF (electromagnetic field) emissions from electronic devices. 

We wanted to make a powerful blend of essential oils and healing tools to ensure that this blend leaves your space feeling calm, relaxed, and restored. 

Similar to washing your hands, it's important to cleanse and purify the air around you on a regular basis to keep your space cleansed, grounded, and purified. We recommend spraying liberally and repeating as much as needed. 

Why Maha Living? 
Our mission, here at Maha Living, is to help you create a space and environment that brings you more joy, creatives positive habits, and inspires you throughout your day. 

We created this unique blend to help re-energize, restore, and balance you or your space with an uplifting aroma that leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, and positive.
It’s also a wonderful gift for a housewarming or any special occasion. Your friends and family will love the soothing aromas it brings into your home. 
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Glendora G.
United States United States
Sage mist

No smell what so ever I’m soooo sad about this purchase

Maria P.
United States United States

Love the smell and the energy it gives

Deidre S.
United States United States
Love it!

It's the best, it's part of my daily cleansing ritual.

Carmen R.
United States United States
Sage Spray

Love this love product the smells really nice great cleansing spray

Jazmin L.
United States United States
Energy changer!

This was the first time Ive come across a sage spray! I work in customer service at a retail store , so you come across so many kinds of people , as soon as I started using Sage spray over me a few min before going into work it’s like all the negativity just bounced off me.I started having better days at work ,it was a drastic change for me ! & I just fell in love ! I also spray it around my room after I clean & go to bed , it’s so relaxing ! So thank you for this!!!

Maha Living

Wow! That's such a great way to use it. I couldn't agree more that the more people you come across the more times you need to reset your energy! Thank you for sharing your experience with us .