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Get Ready To Chill Bundle


Sweet dreams in cozy spaces. Your ritual before bed is important and so is your space.

Transform your bedroom with these calming pieces. Use the pieces in this kit for an easy bedtime ritual.

Enjoy a cup of calming tea, cleanse your space with palo santo or sage essential oil cleansing spray, and keep your crystals nearby to help calm the energy in your space. 

What's included? 

+ Sage Essential Oil Cleansing Spray to use on your pillow, linens, or bedroom before bed.

+ Selenite heart. Keep this stone under your bed, on your nightstand, or on a shelf in your bedroom to calm and protect your space.

+ 3-pack palo santo for cleansing your space

+ Insomnia Loose Leaf Tea Blend to enjoy before bedtime (organic chamomile, organic passionflower, organic skullcap, kava kava root, organic lavender)

+ Crystal sleep bag to place under your pillow, bed, or on your nightstand. This little bundle includes loose lavender buds for a cozy, relaxing aroma, rose quartz for peace & love, and amethyst for serenity.

+ "GOOD VIBES" Affirmation Sticker