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For the Zodiac Lovers: Mini Mood Boostin' Candles For Your Sign

Get inspired by your Zodiac sign. We took our best selling candle and added some personal flair to it. 

Are you an over-committed Aries who could use more 'me-time'? Or, are you a social butterfly Gemini, who needs a nice candle-lit bath? 

We created these Zodiac-Inspired Candles to give you permission to take a break from your personality-driven calendar and enjoy some R&R. 

P.S. You can also use these candles on a monthly basis and align your self-care practices with all 12 zodiac signs.

What's Included? 
  • Each candle includes an inspirational blurb about each Zodiac and how you can use this candle to boost your self-care needs
  • One hand-picked crystal to align with each Zodiac sign
  • 6 oz., all natural soy-coconut wax blend candle (Burn time is approx. 40 hrs)
  • A comforting & soothing fragrance of your choice
Choose Your Scent and Zodiac in the Dropdown Above ⬆️ . You Can Also Create a Bundle and Add a Mini Sage Stick to Your Zodiac Candle Kit !