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The Carry All

This drawstring bag was designed to carry it all. Made from vintage and recycled leather goods, this hand-made drawstring pouch is the perfect storage bag for your stone collection, crystal jewelry, and your favorite ritual goods. 

The easy grab-n-go drawstring creates a functional display for your stones. Open the bag to easily pull out the crystals, jewelry, or ritual items that you're using for the day. Leave your crystals on display and, when you're ready, pull the drawstring closed to quickly and efficiently store your crystals when you're not using them. 

Why it's our favorite: Use this bag to easily gather up your stone collection and crystal jewelry to place under the full moon. We've spend hours gathering, packing, un-packing stone after to stone to cleanse and charge them under the full moon. The Carry All Pouch keep all of our favorite stones in one place so all we have to do is place them outside and pull on the drawstring so our crystals soak up the new energy of the full moon.

Each pouch is hand-made with unique, natural, and recycled materials. These items vary slightly in texture and color. 

Size & Dimensions: 
The Carry All is approx. 12" in diameter when fully opened.