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I Am Abundant: The Wealth set

Use these abundance stones to open your heart and your mind to new opportunities and transformations that will help you to take action and attract wealth. 

Choose Your Wealth Set:

4-Stone Bundle
  • 1 Green aventurine
  • 1 Lepidolite 
  • 1 Clear quartz 
  • 1 Pyrite cluster 
  • 1 Drawstring bag
  • Crystal definition cards
3-Stone Bundle
  • 1 Green aventurine 
  • 1 Tiger's Eye 
  • 1 Clear quartz 
  • 1 Drawstring bag
  • Crystal definition cards
    All crystal kits are handpicked and vary slightly. They are approx. 0.75" - 2" in size unless stated differently above. 

    How To Use This Kit: 
      1. Lay your crystals out in front of you. 
      2. Write down an intention, word, or affirmation on a piece of paper. 
      3. Use sage or palo santo to cleanse your crystals and your space.
      4. Imagine love and light surrounding each crystal and repeat your intention followed by the words, "I am abundant, productive, and creative. I attract abundance and wealth on a daily basis and am thankful for all of the opportunities that show up in my life."
      5. Keep these crystals in your favorite space or carry them with you as pocket stones.
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    My Desk Set

    I have this set on my desk and i love the stones. All the sets have such nice stones and are really good quality❤️

    Maha Living

    I love the wealth set on work spaces! Thank you for sharing with us!