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Inu! Crystal Blends


inu! Crystal Jars are the perfect add-on for the inu! water bottle to explore its full potential. They're professionally blended with the help of naturopaths and gemologists. Each blend is based on age-old traditions and includes fairly-traded and hand-picked gems from around the world.

Choose between the Harmony Blend or the 7 Chakras crystal blend in the dropdown. 

Add this blend of rose quartz crystals to your water bottle and utilize the loving, harmonious, and nurturing energy of this stone help to impact the energy of your water. 

7 CHAKRAS Blend: 
This unique blend includes crystals to help balance and align with the chakras. It includes amethyst - sodalite - rose quartz - peridot - carnelian - garnet - clear quartz. 

Use these custom blends to switch out the stones of your inu! water bottle