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Shungite Pocket Stones

Shungite is an ancient powerful healing mineral known to help detoxify, purify, and protect your body. It's also known to block EMF emissions from electronic devices. 

Being exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields is inevitable in today's digital world can disrupt our natural electromagnetic systems within our own bodies. Specifically, the heart, the brain, and mitochondria tend to be the most susceptible.

Placing these shungite stones in your pockets help to harmonize and balance your body while also absorbing EMF emissions that you encounter throughout your day. These pockets stones also help to keep you calm, grounded, and to d
etoxify negative patterns or thoughts within the mind and body.

Shungite is almost exclusively found in Russia. Research has shown that it can absorb pesticides, free radicals, and EMF emissions. Shungite can help strengthen the immune system, assist with metabolism, detoxify your physical and mental body.