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Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack
Sage Stick Variety Pack

Sage Stick Variety Pack



Here's a breakdown of each smudge stick that's included in your pack and their purpose:

WHITE SAGE (2) - The 'mini' or 'bulb' smudge wand and the smudge stick with the blue string are both white sage (you can see that the leaves look similar) are wonderful for cleansing your space of negative thoughts or stagnant energy. We find white sage to be very strong and the most popular one to burn. Burning white sage invites a sense of transformation into your space. 

SAGE & SWEETGRASS - Burning sweetgrass in your home creates a calming effect and attracts positive energy. It represents honesty, kindness, and love. When you combine sweetgrass and desert sage, you have a super powerful combo that both rids negative energy and attracts the positive :).

PALO SANTO (This is the 4" piece of wood) - This smudge stick, whose name literally means "holy wood," comes from South America. It combats negative energy and helps clear away negative thoughts and misfortune. It has a very uplifting aroma and is great for keeping your space grounded, especially before a meditation or creative activity. It's also wonderful for keeping away mosquitos or flies so I love to take that one with me when I travel : ).

SELENITE - Selenite balances the emotional and mental body with peace and clarity. It protects your space against strong negative influences and is awesome to have in your space after you've smudged. We recommend leaving the selenite in a corner of your room, under your bed, near your desk, or on a windowsill.


*Smudge sticks are hand-picked by a member of First Nation American Metis. Each one is unique and varies slightly. They range from 3” to 5” in height.

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Shakierra G.
United States United States
Good energy

Very peaceful and calm. Energy feels relaxed and positive in my home.

Maha Living

So happy to hear that, Shakierra. Thank you for the support. <3

Roxana M.
United States United States
Excellent energy

I received my smudge kit very soon, despite all that is going on this helped me along with a small surprise to help feel better at home with my kids. I don't know how they knew I was dealing with stress and grief but they definitely helped. I love my purchase and the positive energy I received that was much needed .. thank you for this ♥️

United States United States
Beautiful and stunning!

Your services are absolutely beautiful and everything that I ordered came in so clean and put together perfectly. Will definitely recommend others, and do more business with you. Love the extra note put in there!

Taylor F.
United States United States
Calm and tranquility

The bundle was just what I needed to restore a sense of calm in my office. Used it to really add a peaceful vibe to my daily routine.