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Shungite Beads


Shungite is an ancient powerful healing mineral known to help detoxify, purify, and protect your body. It's hard to leave the house without one of these by your side to keep you at your best. Perfect for stacking or by themselves, we designed our collection of shungite beaded bracelets to protect you on the go. 

Shungite is almost exclusively found in Russia. Research has shown that it can absorb pesticides, free radicals, and EMF emissions. Shungite can help to:
- strengthen the immune system
- assist with metabolism
- detoxify your physical and mental body
- protect you from EMF emissions

We've created a variety of shungite combinations to help you feel empowered throughout your day. Each bracelet has been hand-picked, cleansed, and charged to provide you with high vibrational energies as soon as it finds its new home. 

Choose between the following stones to pair with your shungite beads in the dropdown: 

Pyrite // for abundance

Clear Quartz // for clarity 

Labradorite Crystal Skull // the shape of a skull emits a powerful and unique energy to help empower your crystal. Rock this combo to keep you grounded, protected, and aligned. 

Silver // for alignment

SIZE: These beads are approximately 7.5" in circumference.