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Growing Gratitude Crystal Pack


Growing Gratitude Crystal Pack


Giving thanks and truly experiencing gratitude plays a huge role in your day, your month, and even your year but of course, it isn't easy. 

Our "Growing Gratitude" kits are designed to celebrate your blessings and help you to cultivate a beautiful habit of expressing gratitude. It takes 21 days to form a habit so each kit includes 21 gratitude cards and a healing crystal to amplify your daily blessings. 

These special plantable seed cards are meant to inspire and encourage positive thoughts to symbolically remind you that your thoughts are important. What you choose to focus on will grow and when you express gratitude, you’re opening your heart and mind to even more opportunities, possibilities, and blessings.

Here’s how it works:

Write down what you’re thankful for on our “Thoughts Grow” handmade plantable seed paper and place it in your ceramic bowl at the beginning or end of each day. It takes 21 days to form a habit. 

After 21 days of focusing on gratitude, plant your seed paper in your garden, backyard, or even a little pot, and watch your thoughts literally bloom into colorful little wildflowers.

Each kit also includes a raw clear quartz crystal point to help amplify all the beautiful blessings in the last 21 days and to manifest even more moments to be thankful for. Lay this crystal in your gratitude bowl on top of your gratitude cards as a constant reminder that what you focus on grows in magnitude.

This exclusive gratitude kit includes:

  • 21 sheets of handmade and hand stamped plantable seed paper with planting instructions
  • Choose a crystal quartz point, shungite pyramid, or selenite heart to amplify your blessings (choose your crystal in the dropdown)

The perfect gift set for yourself, a friend, or loved one. 

**This kit does not include our handmade ceramic gratitude bowl