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Prosperity Bracelet Set



We created this unique combination of citrine and green garnet to help you move through challenges with ease and see these challenges as opportunities leading you towards success, abundance, and prosperity. 

Wear these two combinations together or separately. This bundle includes 1 citrine bracelet and 1 green grossular garnet bracelet. 

Citrine helps to combat negative energy so you can purse abundance and prosperity with confidence. This healing and protecting stone is wonderful for creative expression, visualizing your dreams, and encouraging new pursuits. Citrine has been known to help attract abundance, success, and good fortune.

Green Grossular Garnet 
This vibrant stone helps to remove self-imposed energy blocks that may be holding you back. It promotes strength and confidence so you can take on challenges with a sense of peace and understanding. 

SIZE: Each bracelet is approx. 7.5" in circumference.