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Protection Stones


How are you protecting your space right now?

It's important to keep our energy cleansed and protected as we navigate this time in our lives. To find ways to keep ourselves grounded. To lift our vibrations and focus on the good because negativity and worrying doesn't change our outcome. 

Our cleanse and protect kit was designed to help ground, center, and cleanse your energy. Use these stones to help keep away negative thoughts or influences. Keep them in your pocket. Use them for meditation. Hold them when you're feeling overwhelmed or heavy energy. 

Use these protection stones to get grounded, centered, and protected. These stones have wonderful healing vibrations that can help keep your spiritual and physical space grounded and protected. We've also included a palo santo stick that can be used to cleanse you, your space, and your crystals. 

Each kit includes a crystal definition card and a grounding affirmation. 


1 Palo Santo
1 Indigo Gabbro
1 Selenite Sphere
1 Shungite

*Does not include pictured bowl.*