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7 Chakras Bar Necklace

This brass chain necklace connects 7 mini stones to represent each of the 7 chakras with an adjustable chain.

Stone Materials: purple jade, aquamarine, new jade, yellow or honey jade, red aventurine, garnet, & blue onyx

Start your crystal collection with these uniquely designed pieces so you can wear your intention 24/7.

Details & Care
Cleansed and charged just for you, each bracelet holds a special intention to uplift and protect you. To get the most out of your crystal beads, we recommend that you cleanse them with sage or palo santo whenever your energy is feeling low. You can also charge them overnight on a selenite plate or place under a full moon. The skulls especially love full moon energy.

Similar to washing your hands or taking a bath after a long day, your crystals need a spiritual bathing. Crystals can absorb energies around you (including negative energy) so we recommend cleansing them every so often to get the most out of them.