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Here, at Maha Living, we aim to bring you empowering tools, resources, crystal magic, and intention-setting rituals to help bring little joys to your day. 

We hope to put meaning into your homes, nooks, and sacred spaces, to provide you with tools and rituals to live your best lives, and to bring unique, energy-raising products that bring joy and intention to you and your space. 


Hi, I'm Micala. My mom Darla and I founded Maha Living with the hope of sharing meaningful tools and habits to contribute to a movement of mindfulness in our hectic lives. 

My junior year of college, my mom gifted me a Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry necklace with a blue lapis stone on the back. Her message was simple: You are enough. Be strong and grateful and always seek the light. Little did I know that this simple gift would spark our collective creativity and inspire us to curate an entire line of mindfulness products and tools that empower us to practice intention and gratitude on a daily basis.

Over the past six years, I've come to realize that visions and dreams are something that, like a garden, must be constantly cultivated. Getting super clear about what you want takes a lot of time and hard work. But above all, it's essential to be intentional--and quite frankly, it's scary. 

When you experience a brief moment of intentionality and gratitude in your day, it can make the world of difference in how you think, how you dream, how you hope...  and all of a sudden your mindset starts to shift. You start seeing each opportunity as a huge blessing, taking you on the path you're meant to follow. At Maha Living, we want to make it easier for you to see that brightness. 


Each product is uniquely designed to empower you. All crystals, cleansing tools, jewelry, and other items on our site are individual pieces and vary slightly.

Our sage is sustainably harvested, hand-tied, and thoughtfully packaged with lots of love and intention.

Each kit is gift ready to send love to your family or friends who are experiencing grief, stress, or, maybe they’re celebrating a new home, special occasion, new career, or a birthday - these tools are the perfect resource for whatever life changes you might be experiencing and we are so thankful to share these products with you.