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One surprise crystal with every order. One surprise crystal with every order. (Plus free shipping over $35. US only.)
Abalone Cleansing Kit
Abalone Cleansing Kit
Abalone Cleansing Kit
Abalone Cleansing Kit
Abalone Cleansing Kit
Abalone Cleansing Kit
Abalone Cleansing Kit

Abalone Cleansing Kit



  • Everything you need to start smudging your space
  • Abalone shells are the perfect holders to catch your ashes as you walk around your room with smudge stick in hand
  • Perfect to display on your desk, nightstand, or anywhere in your home
  • A wonderful gift for a housewarming or any special occasion. Your friends and family will love the soothing aromas it brings into your home.
  • Each kit includes step-by-step instructions on how to smudge so you can get rid of unwanted negativity from day one


+ Large Abalone Shell (5-6”)

Filled with fluorescent, pearly blues and greens, this shell is created by the Earth and is used to hold your smudge stick after smudging or to catch the ashes from smudging as you walk around your room. It’s the perfect addition to your smudging practice. 

Mini Abalone Shell (2 - 2.5”)

Our small abalone shell is included as a mini smudge holder so that you can take your smudge kit with you while traveling or simply to use in different rooms of your home. 

+ White Sage Smudging Wand (3-4”)

Burning white sage, or salvia apiana, invites transformation into your space, whether you're smudging your home, studio, or workplace. Use it for cleansing your space of negative thoughts and influences. Our sage is carefully cut so that it contains multiple layers of dried leaves without all the stems.

+ 2 Palo Santo (3-4”)

Translates to “holy wood” and comes from South America. Combats negative energy and helps clear away negative thoughts and misfortune. The ULTIMATE travel smudge stick. It’s easy to fit in your backpack or suitcase and is wonderful for keeping away mosquitos or flies. Perfect for travel, meditations, or before creative activities.

+ Rose Quartz (1-2”)

Use a crystal to amplify your intentions; if cleansing a room, keep on your desk or under your bed to fill your room with a positive, peaceful, loving energy.  Rose quartz invites love, joy, and passion into your home, office, or bedroom after you’ve cleansed your space from negativity.


Our mission is to curate authentic goods to empower your lifestyle. We’ve worked hard to design the perfect starter kit filled with meaningful tools for a beautiful smudging ceremony.

**Each kit includes products from our Earth so each set is unique and varies slightly. It’s important to keep your abalone shell on a heat-safe table or counter once you’re finished smudging to allow the bowl to cool.**