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Personalized Intention Setting Kit

Personalized Intention Setting Kit


Let's go deeper. What area in your life could use a little bit more intention, focus, clarity, or positivity? Taking time to set your word or intention can have a big impact on your day.

This ritual kit was designed to get a little more personal and to curate a kit based on your needs. 

Throughout our gem shopping adventures, we source unique one of a kind crystals that are waiting to find their perfect home. 

Intuitively picked just for you, this kit includes everything you'll need to create your sacred space and to practice intention. Packaged with love + care, perfect for your monthly intention setting ritual, friends, and family.

What's Inside?

1 Surprise Sage Stick: cleanse and purify the air surrounding your space to clear out negativity and raise your vibrations so take your intentions to new heights. We’ll choose one of our Maha Living cleansing sticks. 

Intuitively Picked Crystal Just For You: fill out our short questionnaire and tell us what area of life you're looking to gain focus or clarity (or we'll surprise you!). We intuitively choose a crystal from our crystal collection through a special ritual and meditation practice. All crystals vary in size and color, but are generally 1" - 3".

Palo Santo: each kit includes 1-2 palo santo sticks (depending on size). Palo Santo is known to combat negative energy and to help clear away negative thoughts or misfortune.

Mini Selenite Stick: this mineral helps to balance the emotional and mental body with peace and clarity. No kit is complete without this powerful stone. We recommend leaving it in a corner of your room, under your bed, or on a windowsill. 

Step-by-Step Guide: learn how to cleanse your space from negative energy and set an intention with your crystal collection.