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Fortune Beads / Green Aventurine

Wear this unique combination of stones to empower your abundance mindset and to help remind you of your the opportunities you receive each day. Green aventurine is a stone of good fortune, prosperity, and opportunity. 

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Pair your green aventurine beads with Hematite or a Labradorite Crystal Skull (or get both and stack em'!). 

Hematite has a protective energy that helps to ground and align. It can help clear out negative energy that may cause stress or anxiety so we can open our hearts to new opportunites with courage and clarity. 

Labradorite Skull

Labradorite is perfect for protection, grounding, and strength. Our crystal skulls are hand-carved. The unique shape of our hand-carved crystal skulls help amplify the beauty, energy, and intention held in each stone ✨. 

Start your crystal collection with these uniquely designed pieces so you can wear your intention 24/7.

Sizing Guide
All bracelets are standard size and approx. 7.5" in circumference. This size fits most wrists. However, if you're unsure of your size, you can take a piece of string or a loose measuring tape, wrap it around your wrist and measure to size.

The beads are approx. 10 mm in size. 

Details & Care
Cleansed and charged just for you, each bracelet holds a special intention to uplift and protect you. To get the most out of your crystal beads, we recommend that you cleanse them with sage or palo santo whenever your energy is feeling low. You can also charge them overnight on a selenite plate or place under a full moon. The skulls especially love full moon energy.

Similar to washing your hands or taking a bath after a long day, your crystals need a spiritual bathing. Crystals can absorb energies around you (including negative energy) so we recommend cleansing them every so often to get the most out of them.