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Inu! DIY Crystal Water Bottle


The unique design of this Crystal Water Bottle is a versatile, BPA-free glass bottle with a sealed crystal chamber so you can switch out the stones according to your preference.

Each Inu! bottle comes pre-filled with shiny Clear Quartz crystals but you can add your own stones or try other inu! crystal blends to help enhance the energy of your water according to your preference.

With the 2-chamber concept, the crystals in your inu! NEVER touch the water, while providing all benefits from the crystals’s energies. Enjoy your crystal water 100% safe, pure and healthy. 

The bottom of the bottle also includes an engraved, sacred Flower of Life ornament on the inside of inu! to add a mighty symbol that strengthens the crystals’ energies and adds its own note to restructure your water positively.

Clear Quartz is a wonderful stone for amplifying other stones’ vibrations.

What's Included: 
- borosilicate glass cylinder
- your choice of color for the polypropylene caps (BPA free) (ocean blue, white cloud, lava grey)
- removable, sealed jar of clear quartz crystals

Material: borosilicate glass, BPA free plastic caps (FDA approved for food contact), genuine gemstones

Care: Wash before using. Clean with a bottle brush and warm soapy water. Hand-wash caps. INU! might have a subtle odor that will disappear after the first wash. Not intended for children.