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New Beginnings Intention-Setting Bundle


This kit includes both our vision stick kit and our new beginnings crystal pack to help you prep your space physically, mentally, and spiritually to welcome new opportunities, challenges, and blessings that you hope to manifest over the next few months. 

What's Included:

This includes a mugwort smudge stick, 4 crystals, and an intention-setting ritual activity.  

Mugwort Cleansing stick - also known as black sage or 'dream weed' has a subtle, sweet scent that's often used to cleanse and protect your space from negativity. It helps attract a calm, peaceful, and magical energy into your home that is perfect for meditation, journaling, and healing. It's been known to stimulate dreams and help you fall asleep. 

Lepidolite - for attracting clarity, abundance, & self-confidence. Lepidolite is a wonderful stone for releasing obstacles or negative energy so you can start dreaming and manifesting big, joyful dreams.  

Clear Quartz Palm Stone - for clarity, manifestation, and amplifying your intentions

Chrysocolla - for peace, communication, and self-expression

Rainbow Moonstone - for new beginnings, healing, and intuition