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Self Care Crystal Kit

This crystal kit was uniquely designed to uplift your mood, boost your self-esteem, raise your vibrations, and to trust your intuition. It's all about empowering your self-worth, lifting your vibrations, and trusting yourself.

Tiger's Eye is a wonderful protection stone that helps to guide your inner voice, encourage decision making, self-confidence, and helps to rid yourself of negativity. Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone that can push you outside of your comfort zone and extend your potential. Pair this stone with Amethyst to balance the energy of this crystal and to break boundaries and empower transformation.

Amethyst helps to balance the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies with peace, stability, and enlightenment. Hold amethyst in your hand to guide your intuition and divine energy during meditations or keep it near your nightstand to calm your space and to help transmute negative, low-vibe energy into a peaceful, loving, transformative energy. 

Clear quartz is high vibrational which means that it holds a very high vibration or frequency that can help in manifestation. When something or someone’s vibration is at a higher frequency, the possibilities seem almost endless. Clear quartz is a powerful tool that can assist you in having a higher vibration, and works with every chakra, especially the crown. Clear quartz is also used to amplify your the frequencies and energies of your other crystals. 

White Sage & Sweetgrass is a powerful combo that cleanses the air and rids the space of negative energy while attracting positivity, love, and harmony into your home. Sweetgrass represents honesty, kindness, and love.

Each kit includes definition cards and a cloth bag. 

1 Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone
1 Amethyst Pocket Stone (Tumbled)
1 Clear Quartz Point (Raw) 
1 Sage & Sweetgrass Cleansing Stick (*Optional: Choose from the drop down menu to the left to add 1 white sage and sweetgrass cleansing stick to your crystal kit.)

The perfect gift set for yourself, a friend, or loved one. 
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Marissa C.
United States United States

I've purchased a few items for myself and some gifts. I've loved everything! The packaging is always beautiful and the notes are awesome, they always put a smile on my face!!

Maha Living

Aw thank you so much, Marissa!! I'm so happy we could put a smile on your face .

United States United States
Perfect combination

I like the web site